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Vermont Team 2012

E-mail the Vermont Team at vermontteam@betterfutureproject.org

Communities Visited:

*Please note the below dates are approximate and do not take into account traveling by bicycle from community to community.

  • Royalton, VT, June 26th-July 2nd
  • Bradford, VTJuly 2nd-July 8th
  • Waterbury/Montpelier, VT, July 8th-July 15th
  • Vergennes, VTJuly 16th-July 22nd
  • Burlington, VTJuly 22nd-July 29th
  • Rutland, VT, July 29th-August 5th
  • Brattleboro, VTAugust 5th-August 12th

Team Members:

Monique Gallant, Program Coordinator

Anna Kruseman, Media Coordinator

Lily Gutterman, New Media Coordinator

Emma John, Outreach Coordinator

Shea Riester, Video Coordinator